I’m Daphne, a UX Researcher & Designer with
6 years of experience connecting user needs to product.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

UX research + design | ongoing project


UX research + design, PM, IxD | mobile


UX research + design, branding, IxD | mobile


UX research + design | responsive web


other projects

visualizing algorithms:

simulated annealing

product management, UX + UI | data visualization

killer whale tales

logo development, rebrand | visual design


UX research + design | responsive web

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I am a UX researcher and designer who is endlessly curious and thoughtfully creative. I strive to be the bridge between user and product, tackling complex business, engineering, and design challenges. I find great joy in tackling new domains and can quickly dive in using user research methods to distill insights and provide business recommendations.

My knack for connecting users and their needs enables me to gain valuable research insight to drive my design work. I was formerly a sales and special projects manager at Redgate Software where I refined my second nature user-first mentality.

When I’m not working, you can find me exploring the great outdoors, polishing my palate around the world, or planning my next weekend trip.

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I’m always looking for opportunities to collaborate or have a great conversation. Drop me a line at hello@daphneliang.com to chat about UX, great hikes, or your fave eats.