Killer Whale Tales

Environmental science through storytelling

  • Role

    • Visual Designer
  • Timeline

    • 12 hours
    • November 2017
  • Contributions

    • Redesign logo
    • Letterhead
    • Website
  • Tools

    • Illustrator
    • Sketch


2017 Design Like Mad hosted by AIGA Seattle and Adobe that connects designers and non profit organizations to provide pro-bono design work. Designers and non profits join this 12-hour design marathon through a selective admission process.

Killer Whale Tales wanted a fresh, simple logo that could be versatile for web, print, and swag. They gave us free reign to work our creative juices as long we focused on the killer whale as the main object and incorporated the Pacific Northwest in shape or color.

Design Process

Lan Vu and I were the only designers on this project. We worked cohesively and collaboratively to ensure our client’s needs were prioritized and fulfilled throughout the day.

Here is what we came up with:



Our design was guided by the following principles provided to us by KWT:

1. Environmental Science
2. Storytelling
3. Kids
4. Inspiring
5. Fresh & Clean

After the first feedback session, we learned that Jeff felt quite strongly about incorporating a physical Pacific Northwest object with the whale. Lan tried adding waves, mountains, and trees to the background while I worked on incorporating the space needle. In the end, we decided on my design of adding the space needle into the name as a subtle touch.

Claire, Jeff, and Felicia were pleased with the redesign. Felicia, the website manager will be looking to implement the changes as soon as possible.

What I learned: